Speech and Language Evaluations

Somerset Speech Therapy offers comprehensive speech and language evaluations to evaluate a child’s speech and articulation skills, receptive language skills and expressive language skills.  For children who are able to participate in formal testing, a standardized articulation assessment is administered that evaluates a child’s production of all consonants of Standard American English in initial (beginning), medial (middle), and final (end) position of words, production of consonant clusters (blends) and vowels.  A standardized language assessment is administered which involves a variety of subtests to evaluate receptive and expressive language.

Receptive language subtests focus on evaluating a child’s ability to understand basic concepts, spoken sentences involving a variety of syntactic structures, spoken directions of increasing length and complexity, semantic relationships among words, and narrative language.  Expressive language subtests focus on evaluating a child’s ability to use correct grammar and syntax when formulating sentences such as correct use of pronouns, prepositions, and verb tense.  Receptive and expressive vocabulary assessments may also be administered.  The length and depth of testing differs greatly based on a child’s age and area of concern.  Formal testing provides a Standard Score, Percentile Rank and Age Equivalent which assists in determining if a child’s communication skills are age appropriate for their chronological age or delayed.

For children who have difficulty participating in formal testing, informal testing can be used to evaluate a child’s communication skills.  A comprehensive parent interview and analysis of a speech and language sample is often used when conducting informal testing.  Informal testing involves an assessment of a child’s receptive and expressive language including a child’s non-verbal communication skills when evaluating non-verbal and minimally verbal children.  Informal assessment of articulation would include a review of consonants, vowels, syllable shapes, and words that are within a child’s repertoire. 



At our center, we are dedicated to helping children learn to communicate effectively by providing skilled diagnostic and intervention services in a warm, caring and supportive environment.  We utilize a variety of intervention approaches tailored to the unique needs of each individual child.  Through ongoing consultation, progress updates, and home programs, we provide parents with the tools they need to help their child learn and grow.



What Parents are Saying

“I highly recommend this center to any family looking for a competent, professional, thorough approach to their child’s speech issue. Kris has worked with both of my sons.  Her approach is unique to their age and temperament.  We have been seeing Kris for about two and a half years and counting because her methods bring results. My mother is 94 and recently remarked on how easily she understood the boys. That’s the results a mother loves.”

Rachelle M.

Fall River, MA

“Kristine is a real pleasure to work with. We have noticed a tremendous improvement since she started working with our daughter. She incorporates various techniques and games and makes the whole process enjoyable, our daughter actually looks forward to going to speech. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jeff W.

Fairhaven, MA

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